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Nanna Rüster leverages momentum for change processes, expedites target achievement and strengthens personal effectiveness.

As your own personal Think Tank, the coaching process opens up greater potential and opportunities. Decision making is facilitated for the next steps, while sources of innovation are uncovered and effectively communicated. Managers and Executives benefit from lessons learned across all boundaries of industry, corporate culture and company structure.

Stop Think Move

When looking at successful leaders in any company, two things that stand out immediately are: masterful strategies and effective communication.

The approach: Stop Think Move opens up new perspectives and offers efficient tools to manifest new paradigms.

It is structured in two clearly defined spheres of action:

The Navigation Model

The mental process is broken into three phases, designed to clarify current positions, survey the environment and identify aims and options for implementation:
stop = pinpoint your position, think = consider the options and decide on a direction, move = implement your plan

For greater clarity and orientation in change processes.

The Communication Toolbox

A professional 'toolbox' to enhance personal presence and effectiveness. An orchestrated interplay between: mind = strategy, body = expression, territory = action environment, direction = synergistic action, enables situational flexibility in reacting to day-to-day challenges on the way to the targeted change.

For a more compelling presence in all varieties of executive interaction.

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What Clients Say

“Her decidedly entrepreneurial perspective, along with her leadership and strategy know-how, and insight into human nature, make Nanna Rüster a solid coach across the board.”
Jens Reichenbach, VP Deutsche Post DHL
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Coaching Options

  • Pit stop: 3-hour intensive coaching session
  • Classic Coaching
  • Workshops and group facilitation
  • Presentations, communication, personal perception management, webinars
  • Change process coaching
  • 'Alignment of Organization by Strategy' – in cooperation with STRATECO GmbH & Co. KG
  • Company packages
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